The Secret Life of Pianos   53 min | 2016 | English       

The secret life of pianos features Bruce Bischoff, an Edmonton piano technician who practices the art of aural piano tuning, a disappearing craft. For Bruce every piano has a unique story to tell. He has “reawakened’ pianos for over a quarter century. Bruce calls himself a piano psychiatrist and he has dedicated his career to understand and master the old world skill of tuning pianos by ear. 
The Secret Life of Pianos is made possible with a grant from TELUS Optik Local Community Programming and will be available soon for free on demand on Telus Optik TV.

Mon père, le roi   26 min | 2010

How one man from Edmonton was abducted by his own father and taken to live in a religious sect. Rescued by his mother in the 70’s he returns to the monastery 45 years later to confront his father who is now the king of the controversial sect. 

Le choeur d'une culture    27 min | 2009

A musical documentary about the journey of the Chorale St-Jean Choir singing their Franco-Albertan pride at the festivities of the 400th anniversary of Québec City.